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stl real estateSTL Real Estate has been directing buyers and sellers to real estate professionals in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area since 2002. We aim to provide our visitors with a showcase of St. Louis real estate and homes for sale across the STL metro area. 

St. Louis Real Estate

For most people choosing a St. Louis real estate agent is the best way to go. For example, a real estate agent can help you with the proper paperwork, find out information about the home, can help you find a piece of property within your budget and in the area you want to live in, as well as several other cost effective services. Unfortunately, a real estate agent will be slightly more expensive than a for-sale-by-owner listing, because they charge a percentage on the top. However; considering the time and frustration that you can save by purchasing a house through a real estate agent, you can consider the money well spent.

St. Louis Real Estate Agents 

 Tari Brown  314-727-8008  St Louis City, Lafayette,Tower Grove, Soulard
 Gwen Crocker  314-808-4737  Jefferson County, Arnold, Imperial, Festus
 Cheryl Douglas  314-609-1296  Crawford County, Sullivan, Beaufort, Cuba
 Nancy Dumeyer   314-293-1500  South County, Oakville, Mehlville 
 Julie Johnson  314-341-8804   South St. Louis, St. Louis Hills, South Hampton, Carondelet
 Laura MacDonald Team  636-534-8205  West County, St. Charles, Chesterfield, Florissant
 Adam Kruse  314-210-5115  Maplewood, Brentwood, Central West End, U City
 Paul Rueter  314-614-7902  West County, Maryland Heights, Town & Country, St Charles
 Evren Senol  314-785-7653  St Louis City, Holly Hills, Bevo, Lemay
 Kevin Vetter  314-609-4449  West St. Louis County, Chesterfield, Manchester, Des Peres
 Debra Weber  314-591-2596  South County, Sunset Hills, Fenton, High Ridge

With many St Louis homeowners finding they owe more to the bank than the fair market value of their home, short sales have become more prevalent
 in real estate listings of most areas of the United States. A short sale occurs when the homeowner’s lender agrees to accept less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage as payment in full. While short sales are tools used to avoid foreclosure in many circumstances,homeowners who owe more they can get when they sell their home use short sales when they need to relocate for a job. Short sales have advantages for both the buyer and seller of a property, though the transaction differs from traditional St. Louis home sales. More about St Louis Short Sales

Pros & Cons of For Sale by Owner Listings: 

A For-Sale-By-Owner listing is a piece of property that has been listed for sale by the owner. Usually this type of listing will be slightly cheaper (but not always), but this is one of the only real benefits. However; you should watch out for occasional St. Louis homes that is overpriced by a seller who either won' tknow the value, or is hoping that you won’t know it. The negatives of a For-Sale-By-Owner listing include that the seller probably has no idea what he or she is doing, might not have filed for the proper paperwork, and won’t know about any taxes, liens or restrictions inherit with the property. For Sale by Owner listing are best for people who know what they are doing and have purchased property before because there can be a lot of complicated paperwork involved. 
More about STL For Sale By Owner

st louis home buildersThe St. Louis area is recognized nationally as one of the most affordable and best places to live at any stage of life. Whether you are a young professional just starting out, a family, empty nester, or retiree, there is a community, which fits your lifestyle in the metropolitan St. Louis area. Whether you prefer living in the one of STL's historic districts in a refurbished home, a custom built home in the St Louis suburbs, read more.

St Louis Home Builders

 Affinity Homes  636-294-6616  Allman Homes   314-565-8959
 Amherst Home Builders  314-436-7451  Benchmark Homes
 Benton Home Builders  314-336-5555  Bridgewater Communities
 CF Vatterott  314-427-4000  Consort Homes
 Crowdus Homes  314-581-4272  Dettmer Homes
 Dimartino Homes  314-651-2755  Dutchman Homes
 Fischer & Frichtel  314-576-0500  Flower & Fendler
 Fulford  636-632-5779  Griffey Homes
 GSell Homes  636-942-3600  Hibbs Homes
 Ivie League Homes  314-745-2923  Kemp Homes
 Manlin Homes  314-432-1142  Lombardo Homes
 Kingbridge Homes  314-968-7300  Masterplan Builders
 McKelvey Homes  636-332-9884  NJL Custom Homes
 Payne Family Homes  314-477-1218  REA Homes
 Regeon Homes  314-581-5844  Rennaisance Homes
 Rowles Homes  636-825-0100  Schmeerbauch Homes
 Thomas & Suit Homes  636-561-2173  TK Homes
 TR Hughes Homes  636-537-2000  


Benefits of Loft Living: If you're thinking about getting a new house, and have the opportunity to get a loft, then you may be wondering if there are any benefits to loft living. A loft is usually a cross between a standard apartment and a studio apartment, and is usually quite open, with very high ceilings. While a loft may or may not be the right option for you; there are several benefits to living in a loft apartment that you should learn about before you make your decision.

STL Lofts

Adler Lofts  314-436-7451  Banker's Lofts
 Bogen Lofts  314-241-6644  Cupple's Station Lofts
 Dorsa Lofts  314-426-2223  Consort Homes
 Edge Lofts  314-776-6000  Ely Walker Loft
 Fashion Square Lofts  314-621-9292  Front Door
 Grace Lofts  314-588-1170  GW Lofts
 Leather Trade Lofts  314-436-6760  Lofts at the Highlands  866-929-2911
 Lofts at OPOP  314-621-5443  Loftworks STL  314-241-6700
 Mansion House  314-241-9700  Majestic Stove Lofts  314-621-4050
 Merchandise Mart  314-436-6800  Metro Lofts  314-367-2400
 Metropolitan Artist Lofts  314-535-2110  Park Pacific  888-614-7426
 Paul Brown Lofts  314-621-1100  PW Shoe Lofts  314-721-8427
 Red Brick Management  314-361-7067  Rudman on the Park  314-231-2005
 Terrace Lofts  314-621-7609  Terra Cotta Lofts  314-394-4200
 Vanguard Lofts  314-588-9992  Warehouse 7 Lofts  314-621-7609
 West Gate Lofts  314-241-8801    

STL Lease allows visitors to explore St Louis apartments and rentals for lease in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Whether you are in search for a St Louis loft towntown, a flat in south city, or a townhome in St Louis county, you have come to the right place. STL has a number of different communties and neighborhoods with a wide selection of different apartments and rentals for lease.

Apartment Name  Phone Number  Apartment Name  Phone Number
 Adler Lofts  314-436-7746  Allen Market Lane Apartments  314-421-5860
 Bankers Lofts  314-436-2223  Bee Hat Lofts
 Bogen Lofts  314-241-6644  Cambridge Heights
 Caroline Place Apartments  314-772-7300  Chase Park Plaza
 City Rentals  314-707-6676  Cortona at Forest Park
 Cupples Station Loft Apartents  314-241-1225  District Apartments
 Dorsa Lofts  314-436-2223  Ely Walker Lofts
 Fairgrounds Park Place  314-534-7473  Fashion Square Place
 Franklin School Apartments  314-588-100  Front Door
 Gallery 400 Apartments  314-241-5870  Gallery 515 Apartments  314-421-4500
 Gallery Apartments  314-534-1323  Grace Lofts
 Gentrys on the Landing 314-231-5444  GW Lofts
 Hampton Gardens  314-832-1562